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Love Meg, Xo



Okay, maybe it’s not a real secret.

If you’re a Makeup Artist or you’ve watched any makeup tutorials, you are likely already in on this.

But, I just found out a few years ago; so if you are not in on this yet, let me be the first to share the secret with you!

Quick story:

So, I’ve always loved to play in makeup. My Mom used to be a Mary Kay consultant back in the 80’s and her makeup kit was, legit, my playground.

I still have pictures of my four year old self dressed in an oversized shirt, her six inch heels, and a beat face.

Lol…Except you know back then, it was more like a beat up face: misplaced black and burgundy hues on my eyes; smudged eyeliners, entirely too much blush…but with an attitude like I was slaying to the makeup heavens!

By the time I was old enough to actually wear makeup, I thought I was a professional…which was really more like professional CLOWN. Oh, and I definitely carried this clown look into adulthood, too.

One day, I was sitting at my desk at work when the “new girl” (vibrant, beautiful, a real professional makeup artist, and now one of my best friends) stopped by to share the secret.

She suggested that I use an Eyeshadow Base to make the colors pop on my eyelids.

Thank God somebody cared to tell me!

That day, I went to the Beauty Supply store and purchased this:

It changed my whole little makeup loving life.

The next day I went to work with my eyeshadow, lip gloss, and bubble gum poppin’.

It has been ON ever since.

NYX is not paying me to advertise and there are definitely other companies that make eyeshadow bases; but this is the product I use daily and I can vouch that it works. It’s affordable and it works wonders.

(To buy, click here: http://www.nyxcosmetics.com/eye-shadow-base/NYX_016.html?cgid=eyeshadow-primer.)

If you want to give your eyes to give a little more life….grab some! 

Then, tell NYX I sent you. 

Love Meg, Xo

(Picture credit: NYX Cosmetics)