I’m an artist…

I am the brand.

But, if we’re being honest — Personal Branding, aka “selling myself”, has not been the easiest bullet point of my business plan. 

For a few reasons:

First, as an Introvert, I did not want to step too far outside of my comfort zone.

Secondly, as an Empath, communicating with more people — to me — meant being susceptible to and inundated with more feelings. I did not even want to imagine feeling any more “feelings” than I already did.

Last, as a person with Anxiety, just the idea of being social, gave me the creeps and made my nerves “bad”.

So, there I was…

At the intersection of walking in full authority of the gifts & purpose that God has given me; and retreating into the warmth and security of my comfort zone.

At first, I cannot lie, it seemed easier to go left; unplug my blog & social media accounts, pack up, find the nearest exit, and make a break for it! 

Actually, that sounded like a perfect idea!

But! If I did — I would only become a slave to my fears.

Instead of retreating, I went right. 

I opted to learn everything I could by taking Master classes from Branding experts, and reading books on the subject. I prayed without ceasing that God would magnify His grace and get me through the whole process.

And…here I am. Won’t He do it?

My blog, my other writing ventures, my art, the things I create, the people I teach or advise, the people I happen to inspire, whatever I choose to sell — are all testimonies to God’s grace and the fact that nothing can stop the plan God has for my life.

Not fears. Not personal quirks. Not adversity.

If you are an artist, entrepreneur, or personal brand and you are battling with pursuing your dreams and remaining in your comfort zone; I pray my testimony gives you the courage and the strength to step outside of it and walk in full authority.

You are your brand.

And as long as you are true to yourself and your God given purpose — your brand will always be just as great as you are! (Oh! And trust me! You’re great. You wouldn’t be facing opposition if the enemy thought you were not.)

I am becoming a better person every day and I am creating a brand that is reflective of that growth.
LOVE MEG XO can only get better and better.

Peace and so many blessings to you all.

Love Meg, Xo


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