Thee iconic, thee legendary, thee unforgettable: Prince Rogers Nelson is dead.


I guess I didn’t expect him to live to be 175; but I certainly did NOT expect him to die unexpectedly, at 57 years old. 

Threw. Me. All. Thee. Way. Off. 

If I used Social Media to judge, it seems like the entire world is mourning. I really (really, really) tried to “thug it out”, be strong, and not cry; but I mean: 

1. It’s Prince. 

2. Even thugs cry.

3. The contributions of a person are rarely (deeply) appreciated until the person is no longer here to contribute.

Needless to say…the “ugly cry” eventually happened; fully equipped with the distorted face and flying snot.

Judge not.

I grew up with love for Prince. At first, it was simply because my elders loved him. I, honestly, didn’t even know why. All I really knew for sure was that he was “different” (and I’ve always been here for “different”).

Once old enough to actually comprehend — I heard him sing, saw him perform, and learned he was an exemplar of individuality…and I was pretty much “in love” from there.

My first impression of him, however, was also correct. He was different, alright. 

His eccentric style, flamboyant persona, and ambiguous sexuality made him the topic of countless (often controversial) conversations. And he always appeared unbothered by it all.

He was so much more than an artist.

Prince knew who he truly was and what he was truly here to do — and he expressed himself unapologetically.

His life taught me:

To continue to love and find comfort with my truest self. 

To offer NOT ONE SINGLE apology for being who God created me to be. 

To embrace my God-given purpose(s)…my gifts; and be fearless in gifting them to the world. 

His death taught me:

That life is not as short as it is unexpected and the best time to do all of this is — Now.

Someone needs whatever we each have to offer. We may only inspire one person. We may inspire a nation. Either way, there is a point: our lives are inspiring.

Like Prince, let’s make it all count.

May his soul rest in perfect peace; and may God bless you all beyond your wildest dreams.

Love Meg, Xo

(Photo: http://insiderlouisville.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Prince.jpg)



Counting my blessings…

I have survived things that have destroyed others. 

God is gracious and merciful!

If I had a thousand tongues, I could never thank Him enough. 

I encourage you to count your blessings & give Him praise. 

He is worthy!
Love Meg, Xo