So, your hair appointment is next Friday and you’re out here giving the world a mixture between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. You have errands to run, you don’t feel like doing your hair, but you still want to be cute. 

What is a woman to do?

Well, whether you are in between hair appointments, having a Bad Hair Day, or just simply avoiding your hair; here are 7 ways to SLAY a Bad Hair Day:

1. The Dad Cap & The Fitted Cap

2. The Dope Hat

3. The Scarf Wrap & The Turban

4. The Headband

5. The Flower Crown

6. The Beanie

My personal Go-To! I mean, who doesn’t love a good Beanie? 

7. The Human Hair Wig & The Synthetic Wig
(For custom wigs like this, using luxury human hair, shop http://www.prettyhustler.com.)

There, you have it! 7 ways to slay your Bad Hair Day. If you get caught with your hair looking a hot mess, it’s all on you. iToldja.

Love you all to life. 
Peace in a bottle of Gorilla Snot.

Love Meg Xo

(Pictures courtesy of Pinterest) 


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