Especially when you have been freed from the very place that is holding them captive

And you have the wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and discernment they need to help them evolve too…

But, they can’t even wrap their heads around your advice & counsel, because they are still limited by their belief systems.

Remember when you were there?

The truth of the matter is: Jesus did not die on the cross for any of us to be limited. He died for us to be free (and so that we may have everlasting life). 

Mental limitations are lies from the pits of Hell; strategically placed to keep us bound by fear and ignorance. To keep is us stagnant and not living up to our fullest potential.

We can tell the people we love, all day, what is right. They can tell us, all day, what is right. 

But, until a person is delivered from their own mental limitations; he/she is going to perceive & believe whatever he/she perceives & believes.

That deliverance…that evolution…is gradual.

Every person does not evolve at the same pace. 

We can’t expect people to evolve at the same pace that we do; nor can we determine how long it takes them to evolve — if they ever do, at all.

As hard as it is to watch; we really do have to extend the same grace that God extends to us — to the people we care about. 

The only things we can do are: continue to shed light by sharing the truth, pray for them to be free from limitation, remind them that we love them & want what is best for them — and allow them to evolve accordingly.

We’re all one.

We’re in this thang together.

Grace and peace.

Love Meg Xo

(Quote: @idillionaire) 


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