I don’t want to be right.

Love you all so much!

Thank you for supporting my blog and my business endeavors. 

I prayed for you all. So thankful you’re here.

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All the love & all the light.
Love Meg, Xo



Rule Number One:

Expain? My pleasure.

Love is a gift from God; a perfect manifestation of His love for us, between us. 

It’s genuine.

In expression of this genuine love, we are commanded to forgive others when they wrong us. 

Also, in expression of this love, we do not take the grace of forgiveness for granted when we wrong others.

Love requires us to forgive; love also requires us to repent wholeheartedly.

In other words: Love keeps no record of wrongs because love does NOT repeat offenses. 

If the wrongs keep appearing for the record, ask yourself: is it really even love?

Always be the love you wish to receive.

Happiness and peace to you & yours.

Rule Number Two, coming soon. 

Stay tuned!
Love Meg, Xo


“Even if she doesn’t quite yet understand. I speak love to her bones. Serenade her marrow. Fluently. Intentionally. Today. So, tomorrow she will never stand for languages foreign.” 

This is how the Poet/Spoken Word Artist Extraordinaire, Ezekiel Azonwu, eloquently captioned this picture; taken with his daughter, back in March:
The expression thumbed the chords of my heartstrings in such a way; it inspired a painting:

“A KING’S LOVE” by Meagan Daniel: Acrylic on an 8×10 canvas, filtered using Prisma.

Much love & a major shoutout to Ezekiel, his gorgeous wife, @thisisglory, and their children. Thank you for your inspiration! May this painting be a reminder that your love for each other, indeed, inspires the world.

May it also remind the world that we still need our kings…and their love.

Love Meg, Xo
(Top picture credit: Ezekiel Azonwu)