If Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, or Merck, a few of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world, created a cure-all for any disease, (sickness, ailment, affliction, pain, suffering, void, or hurt); it would create billions of dollars in revenue.

I imagine people all over the world would be spending all of their hard-earned “coins” to get, even a sample, of such a miraculous medicine!

But, what if I told you this miraculous medicine was free? Would you believe?

Well, it is free. His name is God. 
Often, we try to cure ourselves. We try to fill our own voids & heal our own pains. We find ourselves needing more and more and more because the pain isn’t cured, it’s just pacified. (i.e. Drugs, alcohol, sex, OTCs, toxic people, habits, etc.)

The bible says in Matthew 5:6: “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for the Lord (righteousness) will be filled (satisfied)”.

Satisfied does not mean wanting or needing more. Filled actually means full. Meaning needing nothing additional.

God is:

  • The remedy
  • The cure all
  • The answer
  • The solution

The dosage: Take daily. (Or feel free to overdose on Him.)

May you all be healed. May you all be satisfied.

Love Meg, Xo



“FIND OUR GIRLS!” by Meagan Daniel

12×9 Marker Sketch | Crayola Electric Lime Kit

Love Meg, Xo


…with yourself, that is.

If you are like me, and you’re a “professional” at masking your pains to others; you still have to be real with God & real with yourself. 

We cannot heal our pains by pretending they don’t exist; or by ignoring, overlooking, and pacifying the root causes.

May God heal you where it truly hurts. 

Love Meg, Xo

INSPIRED LOOK: S/O @doseofchanelle!

S/O to the gorgeous & talented @doseofchanelle for inspiring this look! Check out her IG page for more details & to see more of her makeup looks!

I recreated this look:


Eyes: @maccosmetics in Rose Gold on my lid + @bhcosmetics “Party Girl” for my transition & crease colors. The color under my eye is from the “Eyes on the 80’s” palette. | Lips: Liner by @lacolorscosmetics + @maccosmetics in “Fleshpot”.

Love Meg, Xo 


As an Empath, Social Media is more overwhelming for me than entertaining.

I see REAL issues, REAL intentions, and very REAL feelings…and trust me: it’s not “just” Social Media for most people.

REAL people are posting and simultaneously, (no matter how embellished or disguised), revealing their most true selves to me.

While I am in no position to judge anyone based on my own perception, God has gifted me with the ability to discern a thing or twenty. (Praise Him!)

And as a Healer, I am purposed to read between the lines & underneath the surface to go directly to the REAL. 

Can’t Heal if you ain’t Real. But, that’s another blog.

One of the things I’ve observed is that we are a world that craves and thrives off attention.

It’s “maximum-level” bewildering to me to see just how many posts are presented one way, but intentioned another.

And this is not only a Social Media thing. This is a “walk outside and take a look around” type thing; a “you know somebody just like this & if not, it may be you” type thing.

Consistently, in the search for attention, people intentionally hurt other people.

People can be so ugly while trying to be cute.

And it’s painful to watch!

I saw a post once that said something to the tune of: “If your heart was your face, how would you look to God”?


That post really made me check my heart and my intentions. Hopefully, it inspires you to check yours also.

If you feel like you may appear ugly to God, ask Him to create in you a clean heart. Really monitor your intentions; and start treating people like you wish they would treat you. (Psalms 51:10 | Luke 6:31)

I can’t have my loved ones out here looking ugly.

We gotta keep it cute.

All the love,

Love Meg, Xo


I encourage you to “frisbee toss” the standards of what you should look like, who you should be, what you should be doing, and what you should have.

God made you exactly how He wanted you to be. He knows just who you are, what is best for you, and how you “should” operate.

In order to cultivate the healthiest self esteem, you must first:

1. Get into your Creator. Find Him to find you.

2. Then, get into His creation, which is you! Love what God has created. He made no mistakes.

I drew this as a quick reminder:

Song of Solomon 4:7 says “You are altogether beautiful, my darling. There is no flaw in you”.

Don’t let your enemy fool you. The word altogether means all-inclusive (what you consider flaws & all). 

You are sons and daughters of The Most High God…and that makes you amazing! 

God loves you. So do I.
Love Meg, Xo


“It’s our anniversaryyyyy….ANNIVERSARY!”

(All in my BEST Tony Toni Tone voice.)

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Love Meg, Xo is officially one year old! I have learned alot, created alot, and grown…ALOT! 

I look forward to posting more consistently, becoming more visible, and presenting more projects in this second year! 

To each person who clicked a link, who shared my posts, who assisted in creating a buzz, and who reached out and messaged me to encourage & inspire me to keep going…..THANK YOU.

God really gave me the dopest followers of all. 

I love you all very much!

*clinks glass* Here’s a toast to Year 2!

Love Meg, Xo


Face is best served in blue and purple! 💙💜


Eyes: @bhcosmetics “Eyes on the 80’s” palette | Lips: @nyxcosmetics Matte Lipstick in the color “Up The Bass”

Love Meg, Xo