If Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, or Merck, a few of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world, created a cure-all for any disease, (sickness, ailment, affliction, pain, suffering, void, or hurt); it would create billions of dollars in revenue.

I imagine people all over the world would be spending all of their hard-earned “coins” to get, even a sample, of such a miraculous medicine!

But, what if I told you this miraculous medicine was free? Would you believe?

Well, it is free. His name is God. 
Often, we try to cure ourselves. We try to fill our own voids & heal our own pains. We find ourselves needing more and more and more because the pain isn’t cured, it’s just pacified. (i.e. Drugs, alcohol, sex, OTCs, toxic people, habits, etc.)

The bible says in Matthew 5:6: “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for the Lord (righteousness) will be filled (satisfied)”.

Satisfied does not mean wanting or needing more. Filled actually means full. Meaning needing nothing additional.

God is:

  • The remedy
  • The cure all
  • The answer
  • The solution

The dosage: Take daily. (Or feel free to overdose on Him.)

May you all be healed. May you all be satisfied.

Love Meg, Xo


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