“I DID IT, MAMA!” by Meagan Daniel

24×20 Acrylic Painting with Glitter & Gemstones | Custom created for Dekara.

Congratulations, Sis!

Love Meg, Xo



“And if I’m my Father’s child, then my resurrection is hereditary.” – @poetjasminemans 

Sometimes, you change.

The “old you” dies in order to birth the “new you”. 

Because you are your Father’s child, this rebirth is already imbedded in your DNA. 

And it does not require apology.

“This means anyone who belongs to Christ is a new thing. The old life has gone. The new life has begun!” (2 Corinthians 5:17 NLT) 

May God birth a new thing in your life!

With so much love,

Love Meg, Xo