I told the storm to pass! Storm, you can’t last!”

I love that song by Greg O’Quin & Joyful Noyze! If you haven’t heard it, be sure to look it up on YouTube! It’s definitely a good add to your worship playlist!

Remember: As sons & daughters of The Most High God, you have the authority, through the Holy Spirit that lives in you, to call a thing that is not as though it is. It may be storming in your life right now BUT it will not last!

In all transparency, I graduated from storms almost a decade ago.

Like that famous quote (unsure of the author):

The devil whispered in my ear: “You can’t withstand the storm”.

I whispered back: “I AM THE STORM”.

He knew it was true!! My enemy had to step up his game. 

So, now he attempts to destroy me with hurricanes, volcanoes, tsunamis, monsoons…you name it. (Such a clown!)

Although, at times, it’s exhausting, annoying, and frustrating, even… I keep in mind that my God is still bigger than alllll of those! 

Our God is still in control. 

And He has given us the authority to command these things to cease, in the name of His beautiful Son, Jesus.

I know sometimes the storms get scary. Sometimes, they morph into bigger disasters. Sometimes, they get so wild…you don’t know if they’ll ever end!

But, I encourage you to remember who “umbrellas” you.

When God is your umbrella, the storm is nothing! 

Command your storm to cease & then praise your way through!

Peace, love, and sunshine for all of your lives!
Love Meg, Xo


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