Any Makeup Artist or Makeup Enthusiast will tell you: “Your look, whether dramatic or natural, isn’t complete without lipstick”.

With the exception of a good pigmented eyeshadow, lipstick is probably my favorite part of makeup.

A few months ago, I discovered Emme Mixon, the owner of Smirk Company; a cruelty free, vegan friendly, lipstick line that specializes in liquid to mattes, lip paints, and metallics in a variety of insanely beautiful colors.

Recently, Emme sent me three new liquid to mattes to review!

Here are a few of my test looks:

More looks coming soon!!

Some of my favorites from her line are: Arleth, Thor, and Heartbreak (shown above). Also: Knight, Noir, Orchid, Anastasia, Costa Rica, and Mayan Chocolate…basically the whole line is a MUST ADD TO CART!

Check out the site for yourself: My Promo Code is: LoveMegXo!

IG: @smirkco_

Love, peace, and liquid mattes!

Love Meg, Xo



Wednesday, March 7th, 2018, I celebrated the two year anniversary of LoveMegXo.

In 2016, after over a decade of creating poetry & spoken word, and also freelance business & creative writing as MDWORDZ; God expanded my creativity.

While I still desired to write, I also desired to draw, paint, do makeup, craft, create, advise/teach…Oh! And spread love, light, wisdom, art, beauty, and soul.

Two years ago, I remember feeling overwhelmed with the process of rebranding. So overwhelmed, I almost forgot to launch on my designated launch date (kinda like how I forgot to actually celebrate my second year operating on the actual anniversary date). I almost gave up. So glad I didn’t.

A year ago, I remember reflecting on my first year of business and feeling proud of my growth & expansion as a creative, thankful to God for my handful of loyal supporters; but also mildly discouraged because I didn’t accomplish every goal I set and I knew I could do better. I almost gave up. So glad I didn’t.

2017 is definitely a year that I will never forget. God wrecked my life (for my good); He stretched me, taught me, and tested me in ways I never imagined. I’m forever indebted.

Today, as I reflect on the entire two years, I can honestly say that as I grow, my business grows. Everything I create is created with love. Every message I post is signed with love. Every intention is to give God glory, remind some & introduce others to Him, and make Him proud to have entrusted me with His gifts/talents.

This year, I created more, helped more, learned more, had a painting get over 12K views, practically lived in Hobby Lobby, shipped paintings across the country, and landed two PR affiliations. So glad I didn’t give up.

I thank God for choosing me, first. For blessing this venture, second. And third, but very important — for sending me you.

You, the people that support LoveMegXo, have been a pleasure and honor to serve. We have laughed, cried, grieved, prayed, and healed. Many of you have reached out and shared your lives with me and I am beyond humbled & grateful.

As we celebrate year two, I pray that you all are encouraged to pursue your dreams, to do what you love, to get closer to your Creator, and to NEVER EVER GIVE UP.

In honor of our second anniversary, my first original canvas painting ever, “Marley Girl” is 10%off! (ICYMI — click here: To order an original or a custom version, email me at

Love you always,



I just finished a couple of commissioned projects that I want to share with you all.

A lovely Alpha Kappa Alpha Educator from Georgia (who also happens to be my beautiful cousin) entrusted me with creating a photo booth frame for her sorority and a personalized wooden letter for her classroom!

I really enjoyed creating and personalizing these special items for her and will definitely be adding them to my repertoire.



The photo booth frame was made using 37×27 foam board, acrylic paint, cardboard letters, artificial flowers, pink and green ribbons, a custom mix of pink, green, silver, and gold glitter, sealed with high gloss sealant.

The wooden letter was made using an 11×12 wooden letter, acrylic paint, acrylic gems, and silver & gold glitter, sealed with high gloss sealant.

To order a custom photo booth frame or a personalized wooden letter, email me at

Love to you all.

Love Meg, Xo


She is sacred.

She is valuable.

She is worthy.

She is loved by the Most High God.

She is “More precious than rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her”. (Proverbs 3:15)

“She Is” by Meagan Daniel

24×18 Acrylic Painting | Leopard print fabric | Leopard print Acrylic Gems | Diamond colored gems | Silver and Gold Glitter

She is…YOU. She is YOURS.

To order this original, email me at!

Love Meg, Xo


Custom Heart Frame for my Kensley! | Customized with Acrylic paint, Zebra striped gemstones, Diamond gemstones, Silver & Multicolored glitter, and a patterned ribbon!

To order a custom heart frame:

Email me at

Love Meg, Xo


“Weeping may last for the night, but joy comes with the morning.” (Psalms 30:5 NLT)

She had to let go of every single thing that did not positively serve her and let it burn. She suffered through the dark of the night; processing the fact that they would no longer be apart of her life. No longer a part of her identity.

Then, joy came in the mourning.

And as the ashes settled around her, she enjoyed the warmth of the morning rays. Inside of the sunrise, was her freedom.

This original painting is called “JOY COMES IN THE MOURNING” by Meagan Daniel.

16×20 Acrylic Painting | Silver & Gold glitter | Acrylic Gems | Sealed with High Gloss Acrylic sealant

Self care is not selfish. You are necessary. People need you. Let go of what does not positively serve you. Process your pain. Forgive. Seek your Creator! Love. Be free!

All Twenty Eighteen!

Love Meg, Xo


16×20 Acrylic painting | Silver & Gold glitter | Created for Shatori

Philippians 4:6

Do not worry about anything. Tell God what you need and thank Him for all He has done.”

Trust God & relax your limbs. He never fails!

Love Meg, Xo