Welcome back!

“Back at it again” with my second Polyvore Look Book!

If you saw my first look book, you know that I recently discovered Polyvore, an app that allows you to style fashion flatlays and also shop the items.

Although I am not a stylist, I really enjoyed putting the looks together; and I am back to share another ten looks!
(To check out the first look book, click here:


Eleventh Look: 

Twelfth Look:

Thirteenth Look:

Fourteenth Look:

Fifteenth Look:

Sixteenth Look:

Seventeenth Look: 

Eighteenth Look:

Nineteenth Look:

Twentieth Look:

I did a few bonus looks, too! I may or may not be addicted to this app!

Bonus 1

Bonus 2

Bonus 3

Bonus 4

Bonus 5

And thassa wrap! 

(To download the Polyvore app to create your own looks, click here:

If you have a favorite, comment and let me know! Feel free to share.

All the love,
Love Meg, Xo


Hello Beautiful Souls!

I was scrolling down my Facebook timeline and discovered an app on called Polyvore. The app allows you to style your own fashion flatlays and even shop the items, if you “got it like that”.

You should know: I am not a stylist.

However, I do love the art of design! I decided to give it a try and I really enjoyed it! I wanted to share my looks with you all.

Check them out below!

First look:
Second look:

Third look: 

Fourth look:

Fifth look:

Sixth look:

Seventh look: 

Eighth look:

Ninth look:

Tenth look:

Again, I am not a stylist! But, I do hope you enjoyed these looks as much as I did designing them.

(To download the Polyvore app to create your own looks, click here:

If you have a favorite, comment and let me know! Feel free to share.

Love y’all lots!

Love Meg, Xo

PS: Stay tuned for Meg’s Look Book II. Coming right up.


“And if I’m my Father’s child, then my resurrection is hereditary.” – @poetjasminemans 

Sometimes, you change.

The “old you” dies in order to birth the “new you”. 

Because you are your Father’s child, this rebirth is already imbedded in your DNA. 

And it does not require apology.

“This means anyone who belongs to Christ is a new thing. The old life has gone. The new life has begun!” (2 Corinthians 5:17 NLT) 

May God birth a new thing in your life!

With so much love,

Love Meg, Xo



Snapchat + Saturday = Issa Photo Shoot! 

S/O to @maccosmetics, @bhcosmetics, and @lorealusa for the products used in this look!

I pray you all are at peace and enjoying this day! 

Love Meg, Xo

INSPIRED LOOK: S/O @doseofchanelle!

S/O to the gorgeous & talented @doseofchanelle for inspiring this look! Check out her IG page for more details & to see more of her makeup looks!

I recreated this look:


Eyes: @maccosmetics in Rose Gold on my lid + @bhcosmetics “Party Girl” for my transition & crease colors. The color under my eye is from the “Eyes on the 80’s” palette. | Lips: Liner by @lacolorscosmetics + @maccosmetics in “Fleshpot”.

Love Meg, Xo 


Face is best served in blue and purple! 💙💜


Eyes: @bhcosmetics “Eyes on the 80’s” palette | Lips: @nyxcosmetics Matte Lipstick in the color “Up The Bass”

Love Meg, Xo

Hey March!

Something about March just feels good. Don’t you agree? 

Makeup Details: Eyes: BH Cosmetics Party Girl + Eyes on the 80’s palettes | Lips: NYX Cosmetics in “Goal Digger” + some Dollar store lip gloss

I pray God is blessing you all beyond your imaginations!

Love Meg, Xo