My best friend of 17 years had a baby!! Excited is a total understatement!

In celebration, I created a mixed media, double canvas for the baby’s room.

“SAVANNAH’S GARDEN” by Meagan Daniel

(2) 24×30 acrylic painting with a total dimension of 48×60 | painted artificial flowers | acrylic gems | silver and gold glitter | painting sealed with acrylic sealant

Custom created for Vernon, Samantha, & Savannah Grace!

If you are interested in ordering a canvas for your baby’s room, or someone you know is having a baby & you need a dope, customized gift; email me at xolovemegllc@gmail.com.

I got you!

Welcome to the world, my Sweet Savannah! I love you so much already!

Love Meg, Xo




Added a flower, changed the gems, & added just a tadddd bit more glitter to this door knocker.

I mean I may (or may not) have a #glitter addiction.

(To see the before, click here: https://xolovemeg.wordpress.com/2017/06/19/god-loves-you/)

God loves you, though.

“For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

‭‭(Romans‬ ‭8:38-39‬ ‭NIV‬‬)

Love Meg, Xo


“A BEAUTIFUL FLOWER” by Meagan Daniel

16×20 Acrylic Painting | Multicolored + gold glitter | Halogenic gems | Artificial Magnolia Flower | Custom created for Jerlene 

You are rare and beautiful. Never forget it.

Love Meg, Xo


A little over a year and a half ago, I sketched the “Eye Dream Catcher” (Click here to see the sketch: https://xolovemeg.wordpress.com/2016/01/21/eye-dream-catcher/).

Fast forward, and this sketch has officially come to life!

“THE EYE DREAM CATCHER” by Meagan Daniel
16×20 Acrylic Painting |Halogenic colored gems | Multicolored glitter | Sealed with a waterproof sealant

To order: 

  1. Email me at xolovemegllc@gmail.com.
  2. Put EYE DREAM CATCHER in the subject line.

Keep your eyes on your dreams! Never lose sight.
Love Meg, Xo


“God is within her, she will not fail.”(Psalms 46:5) 

This is one of my favorite scriptures! It was only right that I use it for my first attempt at designing a baseball cap.

THE “SHE WILL NOT FAIL” CAP by Meagan Daniel


Wearable Art Blank Black Cap | Acrylic paint | Halogenic colored gems | Silver + Gold + Multicolored glitter | Sealed with waterproof sealant

To order:

  • Email me @ xolovemegllc@gmail.com.
  • Put SHE WILL NOT FAIL in the subject line.

You are more than conquerors through Christ! Win, my loves, win! 

Love Meg, Xo


Custom door piece | Acrylic paint + gems + glitter

Hey Loves!

So, look! The camera flash reflected off the door hanger and created this light. It was such a reminder of the love and light of God!

God loves you.
So do I.

Have the best week ever!
Love Meg, Xo


I told the storm to pass! Storm, you can’t last!”

I love that song by Greg O’Quin & Joyful Noyze! If you haven’t heard it, be sure to look it up on YouTube! It’s definitely a good add to your worship playlist!

Remember: As sons & daughters of The Most High God, you have the authority, through the Holy Spirit that lives in you, to call a thing that is not as though it is. It may be storming in your life right now BUT it will not last!

In all transparency, I graduated from storms almost a decade ago.

Like that famous quote (unsure of the author):

The devil whispered in my ear: “You can’t withstand the storm”.

I whispered back: “I AM THE STORM”.

He knew it was true!! My enemy had to step up his game. 

So, now he attempts to destroy me with hurricanes, volcanoes, tsunamis, monsoons…you name it. (Such a clown!)

Although, at times, it’s exhausting, annoying, and frustrating, even… I keep in mind that my God is still bigger than alllll of those! 

Our God is still in control. 

And He has given us the authority to command these things to cease, in the name of His beautiful Son, Jesus.

I know sometimes the storms get scary. Sometimes, they morph into bigger disasters. Sometimes, they get so wild…you don’t know if they’ll ever end!

But, I encourage you to remember who “umbrellas” you.

When God is your umbrella, the storm is nothing! 

Command your storm to cease & then praise your way through!

Peace, love, and sunshine for all of your lives!
Love Meg, Xo


  • I am Personality Type: INFJ
  • I am Introverted to the 1000th power. 
  • I am Empathic.

I said this to say: I am EXTREMELY protective of my space and energy.

Before I could define these things about myself, I had no idea how to explain the reason why I was so protective. All I knew was: 

  • Peopling” was exhausting.
  • I needed personal time & space like I needed air.
  • I repelled (and adamantly avoided) bad energy.

Now defined, I am more comfortable, confident, and much less apologetic for it.

Y’all! I was “so sorry” for years. One of the greatest causes of my anxiety was having to explain those moments when I needed to isolate myself and be reclusive. Having to explain why I was declining invitations. Why I wasn’t answering phone calls. Why I was acting “funny”. Blah, blah, blah. Yada, yada, yada. (Yawn — I just got exhausted thinking about it.)

So, you know as an Empath, of course I could just feel the irritation, disappointment, offense, and concern of my loved ones when I randomly decided to “go ghost”. 

And to be 100, I actually understand their points of view! But, I will tell you that the ones who understand me, do not judge me, & love me just as much when I am away (as they do when I am easily accessible), are the lights of my life.

Nevertheless, there were many people that wrote me off for this “shadiness”. Possibly, they found my behavior unstable or unreliable. Possibly, they were completely self absorbed & just simply upset that I was not available at their constant disposal. For whatever reason, I can fully appreciate & respect their release. Their energies were usually heavy, oppressing, and depressing, anyway.

But the truth of the matter is: You are responsible for protecting your own psyche. Your own space. Your own energy. Self care is not selfish.

I repeat: Self care is not selfish.

As people who are purposed to share light, we especially have to protect these things because there are others that have been predesigned & predestined by our enemy to dim our light, drain our energy, and attack our psyche. 

Warsan Shire said: “Light attracts light. But, sometimes your light attracts moths and your warmth attracts parasites. Protect your space and energy.”

This was a very liberating quote for me. It gave me…permission! I felt empowered to say “No”. To not answer my phone, emails, or texts. To not offer excuses or explanations. To be misunderstood. To decline invitations without guilt. It gave me permission to take care of myself, first.

Taking care of yourself first is not only okay… it’s necessary.

You are unique. You have something inside of you that the world needs. But, you definitely have to nurture and care for yourself in order to deliver that “something” purely, wholeheartedly, and effectively.

Modify whatever you need to modify to find peace. People that love you…want peace for you. People that don’t want peace for you…are likely the moths and parasites of your life. 

Exterminate accordingly.

Love you all to life!
Love Meg, Xo